A Nordic delicatessen in Chamonix

On the spot or to go!

If you want to prolong the delicious flavours discovered at the restaurant, why not take the Scandinavian away with you? Whether you are staying at Le Morgane hotel, passing through this legendary mountain resort, or a resident of Chamonix, our delicatessen offers you a large variety of products from Le Comptoir Nordique restaurant. Freshness and quality are guaranteed!

A Scandinavian Setting

When you walk through the delicatessen’s door, you will discover a whole universe of Scandinavian gastronomy. Nature – expressed in wood and slate – and purity – expressed in a sober and elegant decor – are the key words here. Our carefully selected products speak for themselves, beautifully presented on large glass shelves. Everything is simple and healthy, and the store is in total harmony with the products on display…

For all kinds of occasions

Festive family meals, fine dinners, a birthday with friends… Every occasion is a good one to taste Scandinavian products and differ from your dining habits. You will have the opportunity to add a touch of Nordic gastronomy to your special event, by booking the products of your choice at the Comptoir Nordique Delicatessen.

Hand-sliced Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Norwegian Smoked Salmon
  • 100g pack 2 slices 14,00€
  • 200g pack 4 slices 26,00€
Homemade salmon gravlax
  • Homemade salmon gravlax 100g ,00€

Our products

The Comptoir Nordique Delicatessen has selected a variety of typically Scandinavian products. Smoked fish (salmon, trout, eel), fresh salmon, caviar, cuttlefish ink, tarama, blinis… And of course the vodka and citrus-flavoured Skøll beer, aquavit, and Absolut vodka! Natural products and authentic flavours to make for delicious moments.

Our Drinks

Soft drink
  • Still water 80cl & 37,5cl 5€ & 3,50€
  • Sparkling water 80cl & 37,5cl 5€ & 3,50€
Alcoholic drinks
  • Vodka Finlandia 28,00€
  • Vodka Absolut 27,00€
  • Aquavit 37,00€
  • Beer Skoll 37,00€
  • Cherry Herring 28,00€

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